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Thread: PSA: Constantine Super Rare Only $29.99 @ CSI and is Almost Gone

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    PSA: Constantine Super Rare Only $29.99 @ CSI and is Almost Gone

    There were 20+ at that price this morning. Now, only 10. Auctions on eBay are currently around $45 for him. If you are planning on being in the market for him, now may be the time (just picked one up myself).

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    Nice find. Desperately hoping I can pull him naturally. Pretty sure those guys won't ship to Canada, and if they do, it will be too expensive.

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    I ordered one when I didn't pull him in my Gravity feed. Much cheaper than buying a 2nd feed.

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    Only one left. I found an option that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg for shipping, so I bought the second-to-last. If I end up getting Constantine in my gravity feed this week, maybe I can make a good trade.

    EDIT: Looks like they'll ship cards to Canada, but not Gravity Feeds/Starters. Glad I discovered this today.

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    Glad I got one early as well! I see they are now sold out and priced at $39.99, this is going just like Tsarina did originally.

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    Indy Mon is my favourite person today for that reason.

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    Price is still rising. $44.99 now and out of stock.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Christ. Too bad I have to wait to get paid before I even get a gravity feed. Hopefully I'll pull one.

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    I hope I pull one, really the only super rare I want other than cat woman. That one seems interesting.

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    Just opened our pack, and pulled Black Canary and The Flash. REALLY glad I picked up Constantine now.

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    This card is the next black widow just you wait

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    Man...makes a guy almost want to offload his own. I could almost get another full feed for $63!

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    Same here. Considering the other feed at the store almost assuredly has either Constantine or Catwoman...

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    Constantine Watch continues! $69.99 now (out of stock).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Really wish I had bought one at $29.99 now.

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