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Thread: DC Dicemasters Unboxing

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    DC Dicemasters Unboxing

    (If you didn't watch the video, it's posting on the site's front page. Here is the link:

    ...first things first, I totally agree with Lauren. Somebody get that Gravity Feed some eyes, and its own show!

    Congrats on pulling SR Constantine. Just saved yourself a ton of money by doing that. Hoping to have the same luck later today (and hopefully not tomorrow)! Also, LOL @ "Common Firestorm... I like him too...!"

    I'm hoping the low hit rate on SRs is a small sample size, and we'll see an uptick throughout the week. Great video!

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    From what everyone else in the forums have been saying the hitrate on 2 super rates in relatively low. I think I counted like 3 people who actually got 2 in one feed, the rest seem to get only 1. Looks like when my feed comes I will have to buy Constantine online if I don't get one. My buddy ordered one too and he doesn't play competitively so maybe he will trade it if he gets it and not me.

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