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Thread: Is there ever going to be a trade board exclusively?

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    Dave and crew have been answering this question all week. "It's on it's way."

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    Why would people want to trade boards on a Dicemasters site? Why not trade Dicemasters? (I am sorry, I could not stop myself, or bring myself to delete it.

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    I did a few trades on Reddit for the first time last week. Everything went smoothly. You could try and use that until TRP gets theirs up and running.

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    I wonder if I could convince Dave to give me a board for my podcasts, and then later trade it for "General Discussion". I might have to throw in "a board to be named later".

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    The holdup is mostly me. I've been evaluating some other options which may result in a better experience for trading. In the end we may just end up with a plain ole trade board. Not sure yet. Either way, I can't imagine us not having *something* in place by the end of next week.

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    HAH - Critenstien, you win.


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    No, it's no problem. We want to implement something that works as best as it can. The hard part about just having a board for it is that everything is nested in threads and you end up having to click through a lot of stuff, and threads get buried, etc.

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