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Thread: Article: One Year Laterů Announcing The Reserve Pool Network!

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    You guys continue to impress me with the amount of regular and quality content you're putting out. Keep it up, the site and podcast are a great resource.

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    Impressive as always. RJ, I've been toying with some community oriented article ideas like the monthly fellowship award and a treatise-like piece on getting your local scene thriving. Let me know if this stuff is up your alley.

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    So...just missing the Used Pile, the Dice Bag, and the Transition Zone to have all the major areas covered...all of which would also be cool names for shows. I can already start thinking of themes along those lines that would be appropriate. Who knows where this will go...!

    I know I've said this a few times on some of my other posts, so I feel like I am bordering on gushing here...but you guys are doing some fantastic work. Dice Masters has become a small obsession for me over the past few months and much of that is driven by the awesome content you guys are churning out that I just keep gobbling up. Rock On!

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    Awesome! Do you think there is an alternate universe network? Maybe the Bizarro version is called The Reverse Loop and all the hosts have evil goatees or mustaches. Thanks for the consistent, good Shenanigans!

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    This is awesome news guys! Congratulations on the expansion! I'm so proud to be a member of a Dice Masters community that has such worthy advocates for the game. You guys have been bringing it each week with an awesome podcast and amazing content. I look forward to marching along as the Dice Masters Army grows and conquers the gaming world!


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    Congrats guys! Looking forward to the new podcasts.

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    Nice guys! Love your podcasts! I normally never listen to any podcasts but yours are definitely worth it
    Another idea: Out of Play, Random talk surrounding the Dice Masters world but not directly related to the game itself ;P

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    looking forward to hearing the new shows!

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