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Thread: Evidence of Strength of Game

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    Evidence of Strength of Game

    Posting this in this group as well to show how the game is strong and growing in many places. This was our second largest turnout ever, and first non-weekend event:

    April 29 DC Release Rainbow Draft Tournament (Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics)
    Wow. Just wow. We moved this event to a "day of release" event due to scheduling issues. We had THIRTEEN PEOPLE show on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT! This group's dedication and friendliness never ceases to amaze me.

    Allen, myself, Danny, and Blake Sr. went 1-2-3-4 and took home the Superman: Trinity Ward Limited Edition Card (myself due to my role as organizer). Allen, Danny, and Blake Sr. also took home some store credit. All participants took home the Pandora's Box Limited Edition Card.

    [edit: The real winners were actually Carrie, Shane, and Kenton for pulling super rares not called Flash!]

    This was second event in Season Two of our League, which will run through the end of July. Final prizes for the league are pending final approval but will likely be a combination of store credit (top 3) and Limited Edition Cards (top 8). Here are the current standings:

    1: Blake B Sr. - 13 points
    2: Michael W - 12.5 points
    3: Blake B Jr. - 11.5 points
    4: Shane B - 10.5 points
    5: Carrie S - 10 points
    6: Chloe B - 8.5 points
    7: Clayton S - 8 points
    8: Seth S - 7.5 points
    9: Allen P - 7 points
    10 (tie): Chris L - 6.5 points
    10 (tie): Daniel M - 6.5 points
    12 (tie): Anthony D - 5.5 points
    12 (tie): Kenton - 5.5 points
    12 (tie): Natalie B - 5.5 points

    (1 point for showing up, 1 point for a loss, 1.5 points for a tie, 2 points for a win)

    Thanks, as always, for just being plain old awesome. Next event is another DC Rainbow Draft May 17 at 1:00pm (delayed due to Mother's Day), followed by an Unlimited Constructed Tournament May 24 at 1:00pm.

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