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Thread: Dice day flyers?

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    Dice day flyers?

    Has anyone out there made any fancy flyers to put up at their FLGS that they'd like to share? WizKids has some promotional material on their website, but i'm not a big fan. It also has HeroClix on it, I'd rather not associate the two, especially to new players thinking they are related.

    If not I'll dust off my graphic design skillz and make one and post it up.


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    About a month or so ago I saw someone post some really sick looking flyers on reddit. One had Wolverine, another had Black Widow. I will see if I can find them.

    Edit: ah-ha!

    You can click the user's name to go through his other posts to find the Wolverine one. But I really like the Black Widow more. Plenty of room at the bottom to fill in your own event info.

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    even if they were just moderately sick that would be cool

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    They *are* cool! I wonder if mGDivinO has an account here. If not, I wonder if he would mind if we made a local copy over here in the gallery...

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    Yeah...these look awesome. I'm not a reddit user, but someone should PM him and tell him to come on over to TRP...

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