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Thread: DC ramp

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    DC ramp

    My DC starter and gravity feeds are still coming in the mail so I haven't had a chance to play any games with the new cards yet. I did look at most of the spoilers, though.

    Other than Zatanna I don't see much in the way of ramp like we got in previous sets (such as PXG, Beast, Silver Surfer). Most of the interesting dice and cards also seem to be 5 or 6 cost. Any ideas how to get these dice out fast if we are playing DC only?

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    Villainous Pact as well.

    Booster Gold provides a unique form of ramp, too. And don't forget discounts on fielding or purchase, like Sinestro, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman.

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    Wrote up this blog post this morning. Didn't address Booster Gold, but he can be some niche ramp. Not something I would prioritize.

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    The Zatanna that allows you to prep a die when fielded is great. I found myself using her a lot.

    Casualties actually lets you KO sidekicks, so you could KO your own. It's not perfect but if you're in a situation where you lack much else, that's an option.

    Villainous Pact global is obvious.

    I found that I really liked starting with Aquaman, getting cheaper Zatannas once he was fielded, and then building to one of the Retaliation JL characters. Of course, I was forced into all that by the way we picked the teams but I found it worked well.

    Lauren really enjoyed using Red Tornado to keep things moving through her bag a bit faster. I have to say, I like him, expensive to field though he is.

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    So happy to see Red Tornado be great. He was the pillar of my HeroClix teams back when I played, and I had no idea who he even was.

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    I think the value of the Red Tornado outweighs the cost of it. I can't recall where we rated it in the podcast, I suspect we underrated it.

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    You did. But I think his rating is so low because you're rating him in a vacuum and didn't realize that he was SO good because of the rest of the DC meta. No 1 costs, almost no 2 costs, few ways to prep or field sidekicks and no other real methods of ramp means he IS the PXG of the set. Hard to figure that out until you see it all in action though.

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    Alanna is going to make me a Red Tornado T-Shirt, and I plan to make a Red Tornado playmat. He's the best in every game. EVERY GAME.

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    I agree, he's also really good when the Fire Nation attacks.

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    Could someone give a nice example of how he works. Because even if you get say three characters were do you get the energy to field them?

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    In some cases, the characters could BE the energy. Remember, 2/6 times you're rolling two energys. Some characters field for free. You're probably not going to try and field three 6TFC characters when you're using Red Tornado all the time.

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    He is best in the DC only meta. I agree he is not all that great outside of that. The thing about DC is there is VERY little ramp and even less churn. What Red Tornado does for you is churn, not so much ramp. A turn 1 RT buy into a turn 3 field means on turn 4, you will have 1-2 characters and 8 sidekicks other than him. What he does is ensure you are drawing at least one character and churning through the turns where you would have just been buying with sidekicks. He doesn't net you more energy a turn, instead he reduces the frequency of dead turns.

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    What we see so much more of in DC is cost mitigation though affiliation, which (I would argue) is a sub-form of ramp in it effectiveness.

    So if you are yearning to work that theme team you have an incentive within DC, and especially within DC draft or any environment where you're not mixing sets.

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    I don't think I can sing 's praises enough for DC only games. I'm tempted to try him in normal constructed for his churning ability. He is good regardless of the rest of your team (in draft) and quite possibly a first pick, barring a SR Constantine. (Not that the SR is better in draft, just too valuable to pass)

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