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Thread: Cerebro Super Computer and Mind Flayer

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    Cerebro Super Computer and Mind Flayer


    thanks first for acept me, and second, I want to ask you about a little confusion.

    If I have fielded a Mind Flayer "Greater Humanoid" and I have chosed for example Bolt, and after I put a dice of Cerebro "Super Computer", in a opossing character like Human Torch, Which is the rigth field cost for Human Torch?

    Is like

    2 (by Cerebro Super Computer, Minimum Field Cost) + 2 (by Cost 2 more to field, of Mind Flayer) = 4

    Or of if I wrong, please explain me Why?


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    Mind Flayer increases the cost of fielding characters by 2.

    So if a character's fielding cost (modified by Cerebro) is 2, then Mind Flayer adds another 2, so it's 4.

    Looks like you have it.

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    Actually. I think Cerebro is taken into account, after the mindflayer. If you are TFC 6 1/2/3 your new TFC would be 12, 3/4/5 because you add the +2 THEN check that the minimum is met.

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