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Thread: Overcrushing Slim

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    Overcrushing Slim

    Use Cable and Wonder Woman to force your opponent to block Slim, slap Anger Issues on him... then what happens?

    Slim is blocked by 3 characters, 1 sidekick(villain, thanks Ironman), 1 beast(who has taken 1 damage from cable), and one Hulk GG (who did 3 dmg to Slim after getting Cabled, but fortunately Slim is on level 3. Result: 1 dmg to Sidekick, 8 damage to opponent, 1 damage to Beast, 8 damage to opponent, 7 damage to Hulk, and 2 damage to opponent. For a total of 18 damage to your opponent.

    Lots of work to get the combo online, but MAN is that scary.

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    Yep. Since all defenders would be KO'd, Overcrush would process and since he deals full damage all the "leftover" goes to your opponent. There's a WKRF about Doctor Octopus doing the same basic thing.

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