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Thread: Article: AvX OP Contest Finale Winners!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed my Exodia pieces! Congratulations to everyone and I hope everyone who entered had as much fun writing their entry as I did.

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    WOO!!! I won something! Yay for Smash Bros Love!

    I'm just a bit excited to get some OP cards to pass on to my group

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    New nickname: Squeaky Wheel.

    Gabe winning "grand prize runner-up" shows how one great joke can make all the difference. He did in one sentence what took me 20 lines to build-up too. Very well done!

    So pumped I'm walking away a winner. This was a blast.

    (Also, Calendar Man = <3 <3 <3)

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    Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to the Reserve Pool for your generosity! I can honestly say I didn't expect to win anything but had to give it a shot.

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    I received the OP cards in the mail today. Thank you very much @TRPEvan and The Reserve Pool team!

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