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Thread: Dice Masters Database (not

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    Dice Masters Database (not

    I came across this site over on the Dice Masters subreddit. It's a nice compact database of all the cards. No images of the cards themselves, but all the info from the cards is there.

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    Big fan of this site, actually. Easy place to search. Shadowmeld and I use it a tonskee.

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    that is nice, i am a big fan of but the sleek no frills interface of that has it's perks as well.

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    Agreed! This place is amazing for anything other than image searches or banded dice searches. For those Dicemasterdb is better. Between the two sites though I get all the tools I could ever need. I use the retrobox DB to build my teams and link them to my opponents for hangout matches.

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    i also really like the ability to search based on my collection on dicemasterdb, and once they implement the save a deck feature then it'll be tha bomb.

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