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Thread: KO a charcter with Overcrush?

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    KO a charcter with Overcrush?


    This came up in a game last night, and I wanted to make sure we were playing it correctly. If a character with overcrush is blocked by enough combined attack to KO the character with overcrush, does the excess damage still spill over?

    Case it point...I block Martian Manhunter (the one with the crushing power) with dice that, combined, KO Martian Manhunter. But, somehow, those very same lethal damage dealing characters can't absorb all of Manhunter's manliness and he would have 2 damage left to deal. Do I take the damage? Or, does his limp, alien carcass fail to do anything to me?

    Thanks for any clarification.

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    All damage us dealt simultaneously. So the player would take the 2 damage as lethal damage was dealt to the blocking characters and Martian Manhunter

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    There's always exceptions, of course (like if you block with Cheetah - Dr Barbara Ann Minerva).

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    Thank you for the answers. I was talking a friend last night and I asked him the question, and he just looked at me and said "Well, isn't damage simultaneous?" I felt like a bit of a maroon then.

    Overcrush is a killer ability, and I plan on fully utilizing it at our DC draft events.

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    Overcrush provided some confusion to others on our release night also. My MtG background helped understand it a bit better I think. Now we just need some first strike heroes to offset. Is there any that will already? I think there is a Hawkeye that will, but any others?

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    There is another in DC. Can't remember for the life of me who. It's in DC.

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    I really thought that Trample in MtG only splashed damage thru if the attacking creature survived. Shows what I know though, as I've not played Magic in approximately 82 million years.

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    Your approximation skills are absolutely perfect.

    Don't take it too hard. I find out approximately forty-seven things a day that I've been wrong about.

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