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Thread: DC Rainbow Draft Report

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    DC Rainbow Draft Report

    Eight people attended our DC Justice League Rainbow Draft. In my first set of cards I had 2 Katana so I picked one, hoping the other would come around again. I didn't see another Katana card the rest of the night. I think I then picked up a Black Manta to start on a Villain team. Then I was handed a set of cards with no Villains but a nice Firestorm. Once I had his card I was keyed into getting cheap bolt characters. I was fortunate to get 3 Hawkman dice. In the end my team was split between bolts and villains. This is the team I ended up with for the night.

    2 Firestorm: Jason and Ronnie
    3 Hawkman: World's Fiercest Attacker
    2 Black Manta: David
    3 Constantine: Antihero
    1 Katana: Outsider
    2 Deathstroke: Weapons Master
    1 Harley Quinn: Dr. Harleen Quinzel
    3 Solomon Grundy: Born on a Monday
    Selective Shield

    My first game I was up against another Firestorm team. My opponent went first. It was basically a race to see who could burn the other out faster. I was buying mostly Hawkman dice to fuel Firestorm. My opponent had 1 Hawkman and 2 Cheetah. I used Selective Shield once or twice to prevent his Bolt characters from attacking. In the end I believe I lost with my opponent having 2 life left.

    My second game was totally different. My opponent was using Catwoman to get extra dice into the Prep area. He also bought a Smash basic action die and a Batarang for some Level 1/2 removal. I ended up using Black Manta to block good effect in this game. I was also lucky to get Solomon Grundy and Firestorm out on Level 3 side so my opponent could not remove them with Batarang or Smash. Once I had a wall of Black Manta and Solomon Grundy, I used Hawkman to burn my opponent life away. I ended up winning with 18 life left.

    In my third game I saw that my opponent had brought the Transfer Power Basic Action. This is the one with the Global that lets you switch attack value of opposing character. He also had 3 or 4 Blue Beetle that damage an opponent when a Villain is fielded. My opponent went first and bought an Atom. At that point I figured he was going to try to use the Transfer Power global against me. I decided to switch up my tactics and by my lower attack characters. I ended up purchasing 2 Black Manta my first turn followed by 2 Constantine my second turn. My opponent ended up getting a level 3 Atom on turn 3 and hit me for 5. I built a wall with Black Manta and Constantine characters along with some Sidekicks. My opponent eventually got Blue Beetle out in the field but I already had my 2 Black Manta fielded. My opponent did a good job of using the global to switch Attack values around to ensure my Black Manta's were KO'd, but he would end up using 2 or 3 energy for that. In the end I got a Firestorm and a few Hawkman dice to burn my opponent while he kept trying to use Transfer Power global to get past my wall.

    Next week we are going to do a Hybrid draft where everyone brings 4 characters from the DC Starter Set and then drafts the remaining part of the team.

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    Thanks for posting that! That was awesome.

    Nothing wrong with 2-1!

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    Very cool report, pishposh! Nice work. Gotta love that Firestorm.

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