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Thread: Sinestro Rare Clarification

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    Sinestro Rare Clarification

    Just curious about Sinestro's Rare. It reads: "Your Villains cannot be the target of opposing global abilities." Does this mean the ability is on the table no matter what, since it doesn't say "when fielded" or "when active"? Also, does everyone interpret this to mean that only the opponent's globals that they bring to the table, or is an opposing global ability any ability that an opponent is currently using?

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    "When Active" is implied by cards like these.

    It means globals used by the opponent in my interpretation.

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    This is currently assumed. There have only been a few instances of this sort of wording, and they have always been assumed to work this way but WK should technically still have to rule on it. As for now I would err on the side of while active, but keep pestering the WK rules forum to rule on it.

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    In all cases, it comes down to "which interpretation seems too powerful?" In all cases, it being active just for having the card seems too powerful.

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