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Thread: Rainbow Drafts: 1 or 3?

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    Rainbow Drafts: 1 or 3?

    I've gone to these, sure, but am finally hosting one in two weeks. I've seen these done both ways and with some new players, I'm concerned about either everyone going to time and having a bad time with best of three, OR everyone being mad in single-game because the dice didn't go their way once and so they lose (a feeling I understand).

    I also think Bo3 gives you more games for your DM dollar - you'll play at least six games in three rounds of Swiss. Thoughts?

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    It all depends on your player's time window. 4-6 you could do either, at 8 players stick to 1 then let top 2 do a best of 3. If you only have 3 house window for your draft, stick to best of 1.

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    Do amount of players really enter in? Most OPs are three rounds of Swiss regardless

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    We do an "As Many Games As You Can Play In 45 Minutes" style of tourney. Which usually means 2 games. The downside, however, is there are several 5 turn sudden death games in the tourney, which isn't fun. I really do like the idea of one game for the first two rounds, then best-of-three games for the final round. It's too bad it's difficult to do a best-of-three every round due to time constraints.

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    Huge long games could be risky. If you do best-of-ones for everything until the finals, and it flies by, you know for next time. If you end up having to rush the finals because the other best-of-threes took so long, that would suck.

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    I posted a very long response on reddit, which I won't repeat here, but just to have my vote in the thread: three games because losing a single game due to bad rolls without smoothing randomness over three games is much more frustrating than going to time, which still happens in best of one in my experience due to slowness of format.

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    The rainbow I just played in last night we were doing one timed match per round (I don't recall if it was 30 or 45 minutes per round) and every round there were multiple games going to time. Make of that what you will.

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