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Thread: Please help me understand Character vs Die

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    Please help me understand Character vs Die


    I'm having a hard time with something, and I really don't know why it's such a problem for me. What is the difference between character and die?

    For example, with the Atom Science Advisor, he cannot be blocked at level 1 or 2 if he attacks with 3 other characters. Would 3 Sidekick dice trigger the ability, or would he need to attack with a sidekick, a Joker, and a Hawkman (for example) to total 3 different characters?

    In my mind, Character equals Card, and Die equals, well a die.

    Any help to understand when that isn't true would be appreciated.

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    They are all characters but there are times when cards are asking you to distinguish between unique characters or specific individual dice.

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    So with Namor the Sub-Mariner it says "If you have at least two other characters fielded, Namor cannot be blocked". Does that mean my Namor is unblockable if there are two sidekicks and Namor in the field? Or, would it need to be a Namor, at least one sidekick die, and a least one other die (like a Hulk)? What if I had 3 Namor die fielded?

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    Namor and two sidekicks work. I don't see why three Namor wouldn't work.

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    Namor and two Sidekicks does NOT work.

    Nor does three Namors.


    In short, if asking "how many?" you ignore duplicates (that is two or more of the same character counts as 1), but if asking "how few?" you do not (so two or more of the same character count as 2 or more).

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    Thanks for the help everyone. I really love this game, but these ambiguous rules make my head hurt. Trying to read the numbers on the Constantine dice also makes my head hurt. This is the sort of game that makes you want to pack some BC Powder with your sidekick dice.

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    ...whaaaaaat?! Wow, that completely caught me off-guard. Glad to learn of the proper ruling, but my goodness. That drops the value of the card by a ton in my mind.

    Edit: My biggest pet peeve about this game is the ambiguity of the rules. So frustrating.

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    RJRETRO, my biggest pet peeve is the name of the game itself. "Dice Masters" sounds so pretentious and dorky. But, the ambiguity of the rules is a close second.

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    Better names for the game? "Dice Battles", "Dice Combat", "Dice Warriors"... assuming they're not already taken.

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    Why does dice have to be in the name at all?

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    So casual gaming folks people know what they are buying.

    What sort of name would you suggest? Something generic?

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    I vote for "Fun Fun Rolly Rolly Dice Times". Which, by the way, is what I happen to refer to it as when I tell people what I'm going to go play. Sometimes I wonder if they think I go to the comic book store to shoot craps.

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