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Thread: Mascot for Each Set

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    Mascot for Each Set

    I recently picked up some containers which are able to hold all the dice from each set, and I was trying to find a fun way to label them. I decided on printing off proxy cards to paste on each container to tell each set apart quickly.

    I'm leaning toward:

    AvX: Black Widow (Tsarina)
    UXM: Professor X (Trainer)
    YGO: Slifer the Sky Dragon (Lightning Blast)
    BfF: Red Dragon (Epic Dragon)
    JuL: Constantine (Hellblazer)

    What would you use?

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    I contemplated that too, but since I don't have the card, I'm a tad bitter.

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    I think:
    AvX: Sidekick
    UXM: Sidekick
    YuGiOh: Sidekick (is that what they are called in YGO?)
    D&D: NPC
    DC JL: Batman

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    I was with you until you got to the newest set. Why must you hate DC Sidekicks, man?

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    Definitely nailed it with your list, but with the suggested Blue Eyes.

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