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Thread: Turbo Curse - Dragon Tribal Engine

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    Turbo Curse - Dragon Tribal Engine

    3 Resurrection - Basic Action Card
    3 Magic Missile - Basic Action Card
    4 Curse of Dragon - Skeletal Structure
    2 Half Dragon - Paragon Humanoid
    1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    3 Blue Dragon - Apprentice Dragon
    2 Lord of D. - Dragon Protector
    2 Ring of Magnetism - Action Attraction
    3 Beast - Mutate #666
    3 Gelatinous Cube - Master Cube

    Still new to the game, but Im interested in building a team based on churning out 4 Curse of Dragon and keeping them out of the dice bag. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Here's a Dragon team I made about a month or so ago that tries to accomplish the same thing you're trying to do. Not saying mine is better or anything, but maybe you can look at it and get ideas.

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    Hmm ... I like the Polymorph over Ring of Magnetism and Magic Missile. That also frees some room to bring in Baby Dragon, though I believe I can get more mileage out of Cute but Dangerous than the other variants (especially since I run the Paragon Half-Dragon).

    Tentative Changes:
    -3 Magic Missile
    -1 Blue Dragon
    -2 Ring of Magnetism
    +3 Basic Action - Polymorph
    +3 Baby Dragon - Cute but Dangerous

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