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    When fielded effects

    When a card has a "when fielded" effect, does it occur multiple times in the same turn if you field dice for the same character?

    Example, if I had 2 zatanna dice, would I be able to use her "when fielded move a die to your prep area" twice?

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    Also, in regards to her effect, if I had villainous pact out, could I use the global at the end of my roll phase and move a die from used to prep area before I field her? In essence, can globals be used prior to fielding a character?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyanide2x4 View Post
    1) As far as I know it can, when fielded effects occur each time that character's die is fielded so multiple Zatanna dice should activate the effect multiple times.

    2) Absolutely. Fielding can be done at any point during your main phase, so you're free to use whatever globals you'd like before fielding your characters!

    When fielded refers to each die you field. This matters for the Human Torch card that gives you a +1A/+1D bonus for each subsequent character fielded. If you roll 2 sidekicks and 2 Human Torches (0 fielding cost), you field the HTs first, one at a time, then the side kicks. The first HT you fielded gets +3A/+3D, the second one only gets +2A/+2D from the subsequent sidekick fielding.

    We played this way on opening day starter + 5 packs drafting. Play Villainous Pact global, draw/prep a die. Field 2 Zatannas, draw/prep a die for each.
    Attack with Zatanna. If she gets knocked out, she goes to your prep area. I sometimes had 5 in my prep area on my next Clear and Draw step + the 4 I had to draw. Rolling lots of dice is fun.

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