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    Constantine Con Artist

    Con Artist:
    While Constantine is active, you may name a character before you draw. If you draw and roll that character this turn, you may field it for free.

    I'm guessing that this does not work with Pyro's Global, because the global has to resolve completely first...

    But what about Gearing Up?

    Any other "draw and roll" cards that would work?

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    I would say:

    Pyro - No, for the very reason you state. The character face you rolled would go back in your bag before the Constantine ability would have a chance to affect it.

    Gearing Up - Yes. The Gearing Up effect happens, you draw and roll 2 dice and place them in your reserve pool. Gearing up effect over. Constantine ability can now happen as you finish your Main Step and field the character.

    Just my take on it...

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    If Constantine is fileded and i have one Hulk in the prep area and no other Hulks, can i name Hulk to field for free or will Contantine's ability not take place since i didn't actually draw a Hulk?

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    I have Constantine fielded and on Hulk in the prep area And no other Hulks. If i name Hulk, will Contantine's ability take effect for a free fielding cost or does it not happen since i didn't actually draw Hulk?

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    I think the verb tenses indicate you must name the character and then draw and roll. So no prep area dice count for this ability. @Shadowmeld ?

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    Canceld because of Justice and good eye from Zephernaut.

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    Well i think ,every time you draw, name a character beforehand and if you draw and roll him field him for free this turn.
    Also in future draws it would count as i read the text correctly.

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    that's how I would see it as well. The effect should persist for the entire turn, so even if you drew 3 times and named 3 different characters you should be able to field all 3 for free if you draw and roll them that turn. Also, if you had Constantine active and named a Wolverine before your draw and re-roll step, and you drew say 2 sidekicks, a Gearing Up, and a Hulk die, could you use the Gearing Up, name Hulk and be able to field him for free since you did in fact draw and roll his die this turn?

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