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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow - DC Dice Masters Draft Part 2 Metas

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    Good stuff. I enjoy reading this kind of stuff. Especially since I feel like I'm always writing about other DM topics, it's nice to read this kind of draft analysis.

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    More to come! I will be posting these Mondays and Thursdays. I have a 6 player DC draft documented and a 6 player Yugioh draft documented if Age of ultron doesn't hurry itself up.

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    As someone who doesn't get to draft much, it's nice to read about "what could have been".

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    Great article, Shadow! Solid analysis with excellent insight.

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    This series is awesome! I'm preparing for my first draft in two weeks and I haven't really had the chance to mess around with DC. This has given me a good look, as well as some very valuable insights, into the set. I'm already feeling more confident about the draft. Keep up the good work, @Shadowmeld !

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