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Thread: Please help a beginner

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    Please help a beginner

    My friends and I have taken the plunge into dice masters head on. After reading the rule book something is confusing to me. I don't under stand how many characters we can use and how many dice? And does the dice count include the action dice? Also do cards like cerebro and vibranium shield count as characters or action dice? Thanks for being patient with a newbie.

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    First off, welcome to the game! I am also new, and I am learning all the rules as well. Takes some time, but it is worth it!

    You are allowed eight cards per team, and USUALLY four dice per card. However, in the bottom right, you'll see a "Max: 4" or "Max: 3" or something. That is the number of dice you are allowed per card. Between your eight characters you may NOT have more than twenty.

    Basic action cards/basic action dice do not count in that twenty. You MUST have two basic action cards, and three dice for each.

    Have fun, and ask if you have more questions! (And get your friends on the forum too. The more people we have, the faster we can grow the game!)


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    Thanks for the info, that's how we were playing before, but someone had told us that you only get 15 character dice total... So I was confused.

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    That person is EVIL! And probably a HeroClix player! worries. We've all made mistakes while playing (me more than most) but together, we'll figure this game out.

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    Actually, according to the rule book a Fun Game uses 6 characters 15 dice and 15 hp. The standard rule of thumb is however much starting life you want to start with, start with that many dice and hp/5*2 cards. (15/5=3,3*2=6).

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