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Thread: Aquaman Atom Rare - Am I Crazy?

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    Aquaman Atom Rare - Am I Crazy?

    Am I crazy or is there another small misprint with the Aquaman & Atom Rare cards? I haven't seen anyone comment on this yet, so thought I'd post about it...

    Aquaman comes before Atom alphabetically, so in the common and uncommon versions they are in that order, but for the Rare versions they are least as indicated by the numbering on the cards. On the checklist those 2 Rares are in the normal alphabetical order.

    At least I think so...maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me...

    (I can't seem to figure out how to get the card images in here, maybe someone can help in a reply)
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    We still don't have all of the Justice League scans up. I just got my order yesterday and will be scanning from that. If I had to guess, they'll be up Thursday night.

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    I want to try this.
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