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Thread: Article: The Attack Zone # 1 - Have a Plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapedaveb View Post
    I cannot get the RSS feed to play

    Yeah, I shouldn't be dumb and put the wrong feed in. Fixed.

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    Great podcast! I'm excited for the future of this, I'm hoping they start having more WizKids events around the country, if we had events like Grand Prix and Invitationals, that would be awesome! Maybe some in NY!

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    This was a great episode gents, I listened to it as I fell asleep! Such soothing voices :P I loved the six pack segment and the insight you guys gave on team building and competitive prep.

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    Echo the sentiments. I listened on my way into work today. Well done guys!

    Quick Question...why did I only hear the sound of one pack being ripped open? Did you rip all six at once, or was that just a sound effect added in later to create the mood?

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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

    Akron, OH
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    What an honor to be included here. Such a cool experience. Thanks Dave and Randy!

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    Great episode. Can't wait for the next one.

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    I downloaded itunes to hear it. Was worth it. I especially love the drafting part. can't wait for more.

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    Great first episode! Looking forward to #2, and also excited for people to hear #1 of TPA next Tuesday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
    Why thank you!

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