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Thread: Second Constantine Up for trade.

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    Second Constantine Up for trade.

    So two drafts in the last 4 days and both turned up Ultra Rare Constantine.

    So I know the selling price and all that junk, but I would rather be open to helping the community.
    Here is my issue, I am not looking for much. But I do have a list. Here it is.
    Jinzo -Trap Destroyer
    Wolverine - Cnucklehead
    Wolverine - Formerly Weapon 10
    Green Goblin - Gobby
    Nick Fury - Patch.
    Scarlet Witch - Controls Probability.
    So I guess private message me with offers.
    I guess since most of you do not live in Colorado we would have to mail the cards.
    Of Course if you live in Denver we can meet.


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    What's up Vape? I live in CO, but don't have the cards your after. I noticed that Jinzo is a rare in Yugioh and running $30+ I was a bit surprised as generally those are SR prices. It almost makes we want to buy into Yugioh.

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    Hey everyone I am sorry but it looks like the Constantine has been spoken for. If it fall through I will repost here.

    Thanks for the replies.

    @Green Knight- Are you in Denver I am always looking for more people to play with.

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    Hey Vapedaveb, yeah I'm basically Denver, I'm in Thornton. I've only played casually and haven't made it to any OP events. I hear they play down at the Wizard's Chest. Where do you play?

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