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Thread: Fists of Fury

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    and if there are no villains, does double burst deal 1? 2?

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    This is indeed a typo, or at least a bad wording that Wiz Kids has avoided with one exception:

    Celtic Guardian has not yet had a ruling made on him, so he doesn't bring us much insight.
    Rules text is similarly unhelpful:
    Burst Symbols
    Many dice have a burst symbol (*) or two burst symbols
    (**) in the lower left corner of one or more of their faces. These
    burst symbols indicate that the die might activate some sort of special
    effect. When you roll a face that has one or two burst symbols on
    it, you must apply the matching text on the card (you canít choose
    not to). If there is no corresponding text on the card, then the burst
    symbol has no effect.
    So that leaves us with precedent. All other burst symbols are either entirely unconnected to another ability, or are instead abilities. Fists of Fury seems to be a connected ability, as does Celtic Guardian's, and thus should probably be read as Instead. In the meantime though, post a thread on the WK Rules Forum and see if the respond.

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    I read the 'instead' as differentiating the ** side from the non-burst side. So essentially:

    No burst: 1 damage
    *: 2 damage
    ** without villain: 2 damage
    ** with villain: 3 damage

    With no instead, I would have read the ** burst side as 1 damage with no opposing villain.

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    I believe When the card does not use a word like "instead", or imply some other way that the burst ability replaces the non-burst ability, we are to consider any burst text an addition to the main text.

    In the case of Venom above, he would loose much of his usefulness if his burst replaced the main text. In the case of Toad, his card would no longer make sense at all.

    Perhaps in this case it is a typo, but the power doesn't seem to be too overly strong for me to think that it definitely is a typo, and that we should throw out the previous precedents...

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