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Thread: Constantine green rare , overlooked ?

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    Constantine green rare , overlooked ?

    Name a character ,if you draw it , field it for free .... What's not to love ? Frees up energy for more buys and makes the more expensive to field characters more viable ,not to mention standards like 3rd level wolverine , hulk , etc for free ! Makes theme decks like dragons better suited for breath damage the same turn they are fielded . I'm sure there's a ton of ways to abuse this card seasoned players will come up with ...

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    I don't think that this card is overlooked as it is overshadowed. In draft it is a absolute buy, if others don't hate draft thinking that there is an Ultra Rare. he has two great versions. I wish they gave this ability to zatana so you could do both. But you are right this an amazing card to make so many great characters more viable. I am sure in some decks he will show over the ultra.

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    Yea honestly, if I managed to draft both Constantines, I'd use the rare one. The SR Constantine is more for facing against Gobby/Tsarina than it is for facing DC.

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    Question...since the card says "If you draw that character, field for free"...does this mean I could not use his ability to field something for free that originated from my prep area when I rolled? Technically i did not draw those dice from anywhere, i just picked them up.
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    The way I see it, in constructed:

    SR: Control.
    UC/R: Aggro.

    And I agree with others that in draft you want the UC/R not the SR.

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    My first game of my last OP I was up against a SR Constintine, it was effective against my Loki style Joker as well as what ever I had prepped from globals. In the long run my opponent invested too much in Constintine and I was able to vilian-retaliation my way through.

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