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Thread: Another Rule I Don't Get: Order of Combat Resolution

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    Another Rule I Don't Get: Order of Combat Resolution


    With Retaliation now "a thing", the order that combat is resolved becomes important. Who decides what order we go down the line resolving what characters block and what characters go through? Is it simply from left to right, or is it something that the attacker decides, or something the defender does? Obviously it is important, because if you are the attacker and you have a villain who is going to be knocked out by a blocker, but also some villains that are going to go through and leave the field, you would want to resolve the dying attacker first to maximize Black Manta's Retaliation.

    I know remarkably little about this game for someone who has been playing since Day 1. Some rules just never mattered (much), so I think I just didn't bother learning/remembering them. I appreciate any clarification.

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    All damage resolves simultaneously. If, there was an effect that mattered, the players whose turn it is can choose order.

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    Yeah and to dig further WK indicated that if, for example, Manta himself is KO'd, it won't trigger.

    If I recall a similar earlier justification, it's that after stuff is KO'd, you do a check with active character abilities to see if anything triggers due to the KOs. Manta wouldn't be active so Manta can't trigger.

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    I think ALL characters that take damage greater than or equal to their defence are KO'd BEFORE any effects that result from damage or KO trigger.

    But I need to double-check the rules on that front.

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    So, when Manta's Retaliation triggers, would it trigger for each Villain that was KO'd in the attack step for that round, and using only the total number of Villains who survived the attack step to deal damage?

    For example, if Manta is active and I attack with 5 Villains, and 3 of those Villains eat it in the attack step while the remaining 2 go through and damage my opponent, would Manta then do 9 damage with Retaliation (3 damage for each of the 3 KO'd Villain due to Manta and the 2 non-KO'd Villains), or would it only be 3 damage (since the other 2 Villains went thru, and are heading to the Used Pile so are no longer active), or would I first Retaliate with 5 damage, then 4, then 3, if I pick how things resolve?

    I know that damage all happens simultaneously, I am just unclear on how that would look with this ability once the dust settles.

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