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    Anyone else hoping they make a new Mjolnir die now that D&D has brought out equipment?
    Similarly, am I the only one disappointed in the current one?

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    I don't mind the current Mjolnir...not really anything that provides a lot of value competitively, but fun for casual play I think.

    I kinda feel like Mjolnir would loose a lot of thematic presence if you could equip it to just anyone though.

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    I maintain it should be a cheap cost but you're only able to use if Thor is in the field.

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    Totally...or make it equipable, but can only be used if Thor is in the field. This would imply only Thor could use it...or someone else in the field while Thor is also active. Thematically that would be as if Thor bestowed the use of Mjolnir on someone. Would likely be difficult to pull off, but it would be fun to try.

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