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Thread: Iceman Too Cool For Words Ability

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    Iceman Too Cool For Words Ability

    Iceman Too Cool for Words reads:

    "Once per turn, you may pay [1 Bolt] to double Iceman's attack."

    If I have multiple die of Iceman active (a) does paying a single bolt enable this for all or (b) must I pay one bolt for each? Or can I only do it for one die?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    One bolt for one Iceman.
    Thanks. Is this concept somewhere in the rules or a ruling by Wizkids?

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    No, its common sense. Why should multiple icemans get a buff for one bolt spent? Dont you think that's a bit overpowered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geneaber View Post
    Thanks. Is this concept somewhere in the rules or a ruling by Wizkids?
    There are several rulings on the WizKids Rules Forum that talk about the difference between character and card. For most instances, a character name in game text is self referential. "Iceman" means just this die. As a quick cheat sheet:

    "Name a character" means all dice belonging to one player that have that name (and generally they have to meet another condition, such as being fielded or drawn from the bag).
    "Choose/target a character" means one individual die.
    "Choose/name a character card" means all dice associated with that card.

    If something doesn't meet these exact framings, go with the one that is closest unless something seems greatly wrong. Then come ask or look at the WKRF.

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    It's a different situation, but here is a ruling on self-referential abilities:

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    I can understand with the way the card is worded where you could interpret it affecting all fielded dice, fortunately, there have been plenty of cases that have shown this is not the standard and unless the the ability specifically mentions the card, it typically refers to the individual dice.

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