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Thread: What are you reading?

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    What are you reading?

    Any other readers out there? About to finish Red Rising (Pierce Brown)... Can't wait for Peter Clines fifth in the Ex-Heroes series later this year. Others?

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    I have been going through my Dick Tracy collection again recently, and I'm also reading through old comic strips from the 30's. I know it's not the same kind of reading, but it's the type of reading I do the most of.

    My goal is to completely read the series of Smilin' Jack, something 99% of people have never done, since the strip ended in the 70's and started in the 30's.

    I should get back into that project next week.

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    Comics-wise: Star Wars. That's about it, sadly. I stopped regular subscriptions for $$ reasons (because Dice Masters eats up all my money).

    Novel-wise: Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards series at the moment. I finished up The Lies of Lock Lamora last week and started up Red Seas Under Red Skies this week. Also, I just got caught up with The Stormlight Archives' Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson last month and am eagerly awaiting Stormbreaker(s). #fantasynerd

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    Gentleman Bastards is an Amazing series. I whole heartedly recommend it to every fantasy reader.

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