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Thread: Please help an OCD player

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    Please help an OCD player

    So I just opened a gravity feed of dc, the starter set, collectors box, and ten booster packs. Now the OCD in me makes me organize everything. So here is where the problem is, after putting all the cards in the binder I can't help but notice things are missing from the check list? Is there no uncommon batman, common black canary, uncommon Constantine, uncommon flash, and uncommon Wonder Woman? This seems so odd to me it's driving me nuts. Any help would be gladly appreciated thanks.

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    The set is misnumbered, so the checklist is kinda useless. DicemastersDB has a list of all the cards, sorted by character.

    This site has a listing you can sort by card number.

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    Also, I recommend the Dice Masters Companion app. Started using it last week. With it you can record how many of each card and die that you have. I think your OCD would like it.

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    There are not uncommon versions of the starter characters - you listed some of those above.

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