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    Advice please

    So it would appear I am a completist, as per my OCD. My question is this how does one get the op cards if they don't live within five hours of an event? I know people will say eBay but there has to be a reasonably priced place where I won't have to pay $30-$80 for individual cards. Seems crazy to me. As I am already two gravity feeds into avx still missing a lot of cards (by the way out of two gravity feeds only three black widows no rare or super rare is this normal?) one gravity feed of xmen, and two gravity feeds of Dc. Not to mention my boyfriend buys the d&d and yu gi oh (they don't much interest me) I feel like we are spending enough already where I can't justify eBay prices for op cards. I guess I should mention we also buy collectors boxes and play mats. Yeah we waste a ton of money on this hobby so please help us out with some info.

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    The Reserve Pool has done contests and given out OP cards as prizes. You can also try to trade for the OP cards. I know there are a few trade lists on Board Game Geek website and I hear The Reserve Pool is working on something for trading.

    The prices on eBay for the monthly OP cards aren't that bad. You can find some of them for around $10 for the 3 cards. It's the alternate art cards that are expensive on eBay.

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