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Thread: Welcome to the Events sub forum!

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    Welcome to the Events sub forum!

    As the description says, post about anything event related. Enjoy!

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    What Randy said.

    Use it for announcing/organizing events, doing post event wrap-ups, reporting winners, sharing stories of what happened, etc.

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    Great idea. Will the mods move the existing threads to this sub forum (like the Origins threads)? Thanks for all your great work!

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    Yea, I'll go through "general discussion" and move things over. Doing that now.

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    Randy = super mod.

    I'm looking forward to posting some battle stories here, and hopefully you all will do the same.

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    @RJRETRO I think "super mod" is a bit excessive. I mean, do I consider myself a hero? Yes. Am I a savior to the masses? Perhaps. I'd just like to think that I'm doing what anyone with my naturally gifted abilities would do.

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    Lousy Randy. Gets to be born with greatness while I have to wear a suit that helps me fly. Lousy Randy,

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