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Thread: Playing with yourself and the benefit of Vassal.

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    Playing with yourself and the benefit of Vassal.

    Hey guys I am again bored at work and so I wanted to write a little suggestion post.

    So if you guys are really into Dice Masters you have probably gone to other great site for Meta, DiceAnon.
    If you have not I suggest it. I have learned a lot about the game from here and there.
    One specific article by Myke is great for preparing for any tournament.

    It is called “playing with yourself” and the link is down below.

    It was funny because at the time I read this article; I was preparing for playing my first tournament. I had set up a whole table with two sides and all the dice of all the teams I wanted to try out. I would move back and forth from both sides like you see chess players do. The only problem at the time was that I was new to the game and I could only play teams I had cards for.

    Now I still did well for my first Tourney going 2-1 and took third. So I obtained my first set of prize support op cards. (I was happy).
    But the more I play, and the more sets come out, I get further and further from some of the other cards from AVX. (Gobby, Patch, oh how you elude me). Plus with all the great cards I have I can play any number of control, Midrange and Aggro decks. But what of my opponents? What if they have been playing for years and they have those cards?

    What if the people in your game store only play marvel, or will not touch D&D, laugh at Yugioh, Have a house ban on Tsarina and Gobby? Then you hear of a great tourney coming up and it has the OP Tsarina as the prize. But it plays like nationals and all cards are welcome. After seeing Nationals and reading about Canadian Nationals and to prepare for origins. You want to practice but your schedule and even those you play with are not matching up, so actual vassal/Google+ is being a problem.

    Well this is a long article to say, Try Vassal.
    Now with all the cards you can make your team and try it against all the other teams out there.
    I am playing my first all set Tourney with prizes in one week. For the first time I get to be across the table from Tsarinas and Gobby. Cards I have never been able to see on the table before. So I downloaded vassal, and it is so much fun to build The National and Canadian National teams and fighting against it. I get to see how they work and how to make my deck work against other types of teams.

    I just thought I would post this, as a suggestion.

    It’s fun to do while you watch TV.


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    One reason I love the thought of Vassal is because of the opportunity to add user-created cards and create new metas. Not to mention the ability to actually roll really quickly and test some strategies.

    Big fan. Just need something on my tablet or phone!

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    I LOVE VASSAL! When I play hangouts, I typically play a single team for the whole session because I'm too lazy to switch it out. I'm switching out my teams like crazy in Vassal though because I have a bunch of them saved.

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    @ IsaacBV, As far as I know it is not. Also it is not out for Android. Also unless you have the biggest IPAD, the interface may be a little hard to see.

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    Thanks for the response, once I looked into it I saw it wasn't possible. Oh well, laptop will work

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    Playing with yourself looks great.

    Just print out cards you don't have as proxies...

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    vassel is easier and cheaper than printing all the cards. imo

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    It's also faster.

    That being said, the proxy method is fun too. I have every SR printed out just in case.

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