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Thread: My First Constructed Team...Thoughts?

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    My First Constructed Team...Thoughts?


    I am putting together a constructed team for my first DC OP event and here is what I've come up with ... I think I have a good team, but there are some that I really wanted that I had to put aside...

    Any Advise is greatly appreciated...

    On the Team

    Black Manta (UC) 3
    Retaliation - If one of your Villains is KO'd, deal 1 damage to your opponent for each of your active Villains.
    Red Tornado (UC) 4
    While Red Tornado is active, once per turn, if you draw 3 or more Sidekicks during your Clear and Draw Step, you may put all the Sidekicks into your Used Pile and draw 4 new dice.
    Zatanna 3
    When fielded, draw a die from your bag and add it to your Prep Area.
    I think I know who I want, but I'm confused!

    Catwoman (R) 4
    When fielded, you may choose to roll this die. If it is a character face, KO target opposing character and leave Catwoman in play on the rolled face. If you roll an energy face, add Catwoman to your Prep Area.
    Constantine (UC - green stripe, so R, right?) 2
    While Constantine is active, you may name a character before you draw. If you draw and roll that character this turn, you may field it for free.
    Deathstroke 4
    Regenerate - reroll when knocked out.
    Hawkman (UC) 3
    When blocked, Hawkman deals 1 damage to an opposing player.

    Last Spot?

    Firestorm (UC) 4
    When Firestorm attacks, deal 1 damage to target character or player.
    Katana (UC) 3
    Katana gets +1A for each Villain die in the field.
    Katana (R) 3
    Katana may block any number of Sidekicks.

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    Do you want a villain team or a bolt team? You seem to be trying to do both. Also, either way you need Cheetah.

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    Excellent, but you should still decide, firestorm/bolt team or black manta/villains team. Once that is picked we can work in your economy around that.

    My advice would be aquaman and red tornado into a bolt team that brings Zatanna as a mask splash. You are then able to buy anything but a fist character and can splask a basic action with a fist global to round out your team.

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    Yeah, Shadow is 100% right. You have half of two concepts going there and you should pick one and excel at it!

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    If you're going for direct damage from David and Cheetah, consider Blue Beetle.

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    Also, I feel you are missing out on the 5 cost Deathstroke and his villain ping. But, then we are still talking many villains and bolts instead of one or the other. Perhaps dropping Deathstroke for a justice league character, since you get discounts. You could also get more direct damage from green arrow.

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    Yeah, I think general non-Firestorm direct damage is a semi-archetype in this format... David, Beetle, Cheetah. That sort of thing.

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    I agree with these guys. We've been playing some DC, and it's awesome how dominant some of these direct damage folks are.

    Really fun set.

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