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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow DC Draft Part 3 - The Rainbow

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    Besides uncommon Black Manta and Katana, I recommend also going for C Blue Beetle and Cheetah. With these 4 cards you have a pretty deadly team to build off of.

    -Beetle while active does 1 damage to the opponent per villain fielded.
    -Cheetah does 1 damage to opponent when attacking.

    With Black Manta and Blue Beetle out there you could do 3 damage a turn without even touching your opponent with Cheetah constantly attacking (1 from fielding, 1 from attacking, and 1 from her getting KOd.) Cheetah is a beast!

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    I like how Dice Masters takes characters I don't care about (Cheetah) and makes me like them by giving them great abilities.

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    I recommend also going for C Blue Beetle and Cheetah
    Oh, absolutely. I'll be going into more detail in the next few posts on full draft teams, but with the low quantity on Cheetah and the fact that she fits into both Villain and Bolt teams, I would expect her to be picked VERY early and get passed once at most. But yes, they are both great for a villain or bolt team.

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    Just finished my first DC draft. First picked the uncommon Black Manta, got passed a common Cheetah. Ended up with 3 Black Manta, 1 Cheetah, 2 common Hawkman, 2 Uncommon Red Tornado, 1 common Firestorm, 2 common Capt. Cold, 2 Deathstroke, and 1 Green Arrow.

    Red Tornado is amazing. He was my first purchase every game. In fact I never purchased Deathstroke, Arrow, or Cold. Great articles helped me out.

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