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Thread: Dice Masters Trade

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    Dice Masters Trade

    I'm looking to finish out my DC Justice League set.

    This is what I'm looking for:

    #122 The Joker - Red Hood

    Here is what I have for trade:

    Uncanny X-Men
    104 Magik: Redflag #133
    109 Professor X: Trainer
    110 Psylocke: Kwannon the Assassin
    124 Iron Man: Industrialist

    D&D Battle for Faerūn
    099 Dracolich - Paragon Undead Dragon
    103 Frost Giant - Paragon Elemental
    107 Kobold - Paragon Humanoid
    108 Manticore - Paragon Besast
    111 Orc - Paragon Humanoid
    113 Pit Fiend - Paragon Fiend
    114 Purple Worm - Paragon Beast
    116 Treant - Paragon Beast
    117 Umber Hulk - Paragon Beast
    118 Unicorn - Paragon Beast
    120 Zombie - Paragon Undead

    YGO072 Black Luster Soldier - Fearsome Fighter
    YGO075 Breaker the Magical Warrior - Counterspell
    YGO076 Buster Blader - Dragon Executioner
    YGO082 Flame Swordsman - Salamandra Flamestrike
    YGO087 Injection Fairy Lily - Fairy Nurse
    YGO090 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp - The Power of the Lamp
    YGO092 Man-Eater Bug - Gaping Maw
    YGO093 Marshmallon - Bites Back
    YGO095 Mystical Elf - Protector
    YGO096 Obelisk the Tormentor - Fist of Fury
    YGO100 Sangan - Sacrificial Fiend
    YGO106 The Winged Dragon of Ra - The Most Powerful Egyptian God
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    I have all of those spare, but you have literally nothing I need/want :/

    One day I will find someone who has my missing Yugioh super rares. One day

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    I have Slipher and Obelisk SR that I would be wiling to trade... but I need Tsarina and Constantine. so I'm not sure that that will work.

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    I've got:

    #122 The Joker - Red Hood
    #128 Shazam! - Strength of Hercules

    The only ones you have that I need are:

    #108 Namor: Imperius Rex
    #124 Iron Man: Industrialist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    I have Slipher and Obelisk SR that I would be wiling to trade... but I need Tsarina and Constantine. so I'm not sure that that will work.
    While I do have a spare Tsarina, and I do want those 2 supers, I agree lol. Maaaaaaaaaybe not the best trade

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    Anyone have a SR Constantine they want to trade or sell? I can send a full list of cards I have for trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanxor View Post
    I don't suppose by some coincidence that one of the missing super rares is the Thousand Dragon one is it?
    Nah, it's Obelisk and Slifer SR

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    @pishposh Namor came in the mail today. Thanks again for the trade! +1 rep to you if we ever institute a proper trade system on here. Let me know when Shazam arrives.

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    I'm also trying to complete my sets. Here's my list of cards I want and have up for trade if anyone is interested.

    106 Doctor Strange Probably a Charlatan
    116 Nightcrawler Circus Freak
    117 Nova The Human Rocket
    125 War Machine James Rhodes
    130 Green Goblin Gobby
    131 Mr. Fantastic Elastic
    132 Wolverine Canucklehead
    Dice - Beast, Captain America, Human Torch, Spider-Man, Storm, Thor (all x1)
    101 Emma Frost Graceful
    102 Falcon Air Strike
    115 Sentinel Robot
    120 Vision Victor Shade
    122 Cerebro Mutant Hunter
    123 Emma Frost Hellfire Club
    124 Iron Man Industrialist
    126 Red Dragon Epic Dragon
    Promo Minsc and Boo + Die
    AVX OP
    7. Thor: The Mighty
    8. Spider-Man: The Amazing
    10. Colossus: Phoenix Force
    12. Cyclops: Phoenix Force
    13. Phoenix Force: Force of Nature
    UXM OP
    2. Apocalypse: Earth-295
    3. Beast: Nefarious Geneticist
    5. Kitty Pryde: On a Mission
    8. Emma Frost: White Queen
    9. Phoenix: Dark Phoenix

    I have lots of common and uncommons from AVX, UXM, BFF and DCJL. I also have some extra dice from all 4 sets. If you're looking for something, ask and I'll see if I have it.
    AVX (cards only)
    119 Professor X - Charles Francis Xavier
    123 Thing - Idol of Millions
    UXM (cards only)
    103 Iron Man Superhero
    125 Scarlet Witch Controls Probability
    UXM OP (cards only)
    4 Sentinel - Omega
    BFF (cards only)
    98 Copper Dragon Paragon Dragon
    106 Invisible Stalker Paragon Elemental
    114 Purple Worm Paragon Beast
    124 Prismatic Spray Paragon Spell
    DCJL (cards only)
    88 The Flash - Speedster
    106 Aquaman - Orin
    109 Black Manta - Artificial Gills
    113 Captain Cold - Master of Absolute Zero
    114 Catwoman - Femme Fatale x2
    125 Lex Luthor - Billionaire Industrialist
    127 Robin - Acrobatic Adolescent
    131 Star Girl - Star-Spangled Kid
    132 Swamp Thing - Part of the Green
    133 Vibe - Formerly Hardline
    134 Vixen - Animal Mimicry
    136 Cat Woman - Nine Lives
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    Anyone have a Slifer and BEWD rare for trade or sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    Anyone have a Slifer and BEWD rare for trade or sale?
    What he said. But trade with me first!

    Isaac: I've been watching CSI for Slifer/BEWD, and the latter finally was in-stock. Kind of expensive though, so hopefully someone on here would help you out.

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