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Thread: May 16 - DC Draft - Mr. Nice Guy Games - Monroeville, PA - 12:00 Noon

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    AND I have permission from the owner to record video for some games. GLORIOUS!

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    Ugh! Wish I could make the drive. We've got some family stuff in the morning. Won't be done to make it in time.

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    I wish you could too. We already have 9 confirmed on their FB page, which is FANTASTIC for the first go. If we end up with 10+, we might have to split into two draft pods.

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    I got really excited when I saw PA, but Google Maps says that's 4 hours from me. :-/

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    Yeah it's near Pittsburgh.

    I just got my new webcam - It's magnificent! So we will have a "feature table" that'll get recorded. If I get ambitious/have the manpower, I'll even try to get commentary. But no guarantees.

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    Good Luck today Sir! I know you'll bring home the win because you've been "Reading the Rainbow" M I RITE?

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