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Thread: Cosmic Cube and Infiltrate

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    Necessary? No. However, up until recently (<cough>C Scarlet Witch </cough>), there really wasn't a good reason *not* to. Even if you have just Angela and Ricochet in the field, one cube makes them deal 6 damage in a turn. Two cubes = 10.

    With Scarlet Witch potentially shutting down the reliability of that cube, though, I would say no - Black Widow makes each of your Infiltrators deal an extra damage, so if you had her to Angela-Ricochet, that's 6 damage/turn between the three of them. Which means 3 turns and done.

    The biggest problem right now is what to do with R Bishop, which completely shuts down Infiltrate.

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    Having been on the receiving end of @Yort 's Infiltrate team in Virtual Worlds, I can attest to the fact that he knows what he's talking about, and that Cube really, really helps Infiltrate teams.

    With that said, how to deal with Bishop: Perhaps time to put in True Believer to remove Angela and just blast through with combat damage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeLion View Post
    Can you please elaborate and break down Yort's team?

    True, could you also bring a pump global like Too Big to Fly or Outsider?
    On Yort's team: You can find every team list for Virtual Worlds here (Yort's team is at line 8):

    Note that this is an unusual tournament where we're allowed a side-board, which may have influenced some of the choices. Also, since it has a side-board, and since we got to bring in two cards after X-men First Class came out, his team is different now from what it was when we played in week 1.

    And on a pump global: You could, but then you'd be taking too much space from the things you need on your team. You'd end up with both BACs devoted to your secondary strategy, and potentially helping your opponent (since, unless Angela is out of play, characters with Infiltrate deal no combat damage at all), which is not something I recommend.

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    The main thing I've subbed out was the Lantern Battery, which I just wasn't using enough, for Scarlet Witch, for defense against action heavy teams like Vicious Struggle.

    The core of my team is Angela and Ricochet, which is why I have Resurrection as one of the BACs. If I go second, I can buy Angela Turn 1, and then on Turn 2 buy Ricochet and Rez so that both of those characters and four sidekicks go into my bag. Since I get 5 of those six for the next turn, there's a decent chance I can get both Angela and Ricochet out on T3, in which case I both start doing damage (2 Infiltrate) and prepping dice (2 from the 2 Infiltrate).

    Of course, this is only if I go second and only if I'm the beat down - i.e., my team is faster than the other person's. If the other person is doing nothing to stop me, I just start buying Cosmic Cubes, because with Angela and Ricochet out I'm churning six dice each turn. With one CC, they do 6 damage. With two, they do 10. Either way, it's basically three more turns max until lethal.

    Granted, that's if the opponent does nothing. Which they are not likely to do. So I may actually consider swapping out Resurrection, especially given that the team as it stands does not have a lot of Combat damage, so True Believer might be better now. I originally had it on, but found I never needed it because Infiltrating was always faster, even without Angela. Incidentally, that was part of what Blink-Transmutation was for - if Angela got blanked, I would buy that action die, meaning if I roll the Blink action and the Cube on the same turn, then the opponent has to choose to Block and take three from each Blink/Cube or don't block and take 3 from each Infiltrate/Cube.

    But as @ccm00007 pointed out, the X-Men:First Class set threw two wrenches into this whole thing with both Scarlet Witch (making it much harder to roll Cubes and Blinks) but especially Bishop. With Black Widow, I can still win with Infiltrate without using the Cube, just takes a turn or two more. But Bishop is a hard shut down to everything on the team. So True Believer to get some actual combat damage through, maybe even with The Front Line? Alas, as I don't have my own constructed WKO to prep for, I'll probably move on to my next team idea after the Virtual Tournament, but I think the team is a decent base from which to start!

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    oh, hey there rare Bishop, this whole conversation is null

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    I played against a couple SR Angela based Infiltrate teams in our WKO yesterday and without the Rare Cosmic Cube they were not fast enough to win.
    With Rare cube they were very deadly as just 2 or 3 characters infiltrating with 1 or 2 cubes 9 to 15 damage. 2 turns of that and you're out.

    Rare Bishop is a good counter but also pretty easy to blank with DWiz/Shriek/Cold Gun/Kryptonite since you can wait to infiltrate until you can deal with Bishop.
    (Or Blob him or any of the other normal removal options).

    Those matches in my experience yeterday made for a really fun back and forth as both teams try to setup their win condition while stopping the others.

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