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Thread: I need just general team-building advice

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    I need just general team-building advice

    Keep in mind I'm only working with Marvel/DC right now as that's all I care about, but I have all the basic action cards from Marvel/DC including OP. No great SRs... Canucklehead and Black Canary. I've got the much greater part of all 3 sets though, with some of the OP cards.

    I'm planning on buying a Constantine and maybe a Gobby or Tsarina too.

    What are some good foundations I can go off of? I can't seem to really find good deck lists the way I'm used to with Magic, and I only can with HeroClix because I know where to go to find the Nationals teams on forums and stuff, and I can tweak.

    I've won a draft, but constructed I end up demolished not at all prepared for someone being even half-meta against me. I try to think about ramp, but don't focus as much on the opponent's cards as much as I should, but moreso, I feel like I'm just not playing the right way on all my turns, also, and choosing the right basic action cards.

    Would anyone be down to help me learn and build through google hangout/skype/chatting through any medium about making decks if nothing else, and then playing over and over will help me get better with them.

    Also, if I know just a few cards that I should buy, that'll help. I'll never be 100% top tier because I'm only doing comic sets (I'll buy any Middle Earth that comes out, and some others), but I know I can win and do better than I am.


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    On Wzkids Dice Masters site they have the U.S. Nationals top 8 teams. They also have video coverage of 17 matches you can watch to see how players are making their buys and playing their dice.

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    My team building strategy:

    1.) Ask Shadowmeld.

    Anyway, my point here, find some people who are really good at the game and ask them for help. Hopefully they will be willing to help you, and show you how to build a team that works.

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    My team building advice. Choose 1 card you really want to use. THEN look at what everyone else is using, and figure out how that card either can beat or gets beat by what everyone else is doing. Then build a team to 1) help it do it's job better or 2) stop other teams from beating it.

    In the end though, it comes down to knowing what you want that one card to do. Once you're learned to build around one card, then you can learn to blend that kind of strategy into a Teir 1 team by blending 4 teams together, patching up all the holes and hoping your opponent didn't do it better than you.

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    I would say that you should only buy either Constantine or Tsarina depending on your tastes and skip Gobby unless you see one for an insane price. While building teams for Worlds, I've rarely felt like more than one of those three characters felt essential to have in any given team.

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    And don't be afraid to net deck. Teams that have worked well generally give you a good idea as to what kind of synergies are available even if you want to use some different cards in the end.

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    I've just been having a problem with net decking, also, since I really am going to be sticking to comic universe only with what's out now. When they release Middle Earth I'm gonna **** bricks, but there aren't too many third party IPs I'd **** with.

    And I found a couple sites with decks but it's ALL like, AvX and it's some weird tabletop gaming site for mom's to rate games their kids play or something - I can't quite remember.

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    Won't even give the other IPs a chance, eh? Really going to make it difficult.

    I've decided I will buy ANY Dice Masters set. My Little Pony? Check. Big Bang Theory?, check. Clueless?, totally.

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    I just wouldn't have fun with a YuGiOh or some random DnD dude on my team. When LotR comes out, or something else I like, I'll definitely get it.

    Anyway... I actually now have a Tsarina/Gobby/Hellblazer (all 3).

    So I want to make a control team, and would actually like some help building it (assume I have all DC and Marvel cards... I'm missing a few, but anything I don't have is cheap enough I can grab up in a second).

    I'd like to use the Captain Cold that makes your opponent make one to attack, and I really want to make a Villain retaliation deck with Black Manta, but I just can't seem to figure out what to do about 2 drops and ramping. I have no problem using a professor x, making the team so far BM, CC, PXG, and I'm thinking of the Harley that makes Joker cheaper to field, along with the Joker that cancels out opponents' characters (name a character when fielding Joker and opponent can't field it). I could also use like, the Loki - Gem-Keeper, but the ramp is helped a lot with the Harley, who has decent enough stats in her own right.

    Ok, so now I have 3fist Black Manta, 4bolt Captain Cold, 3mask Harley, 5shield (or 3 with Harley out) Joker, 5mask Prof X - Trainer... I could add Mystique-Raven Darkholme and Mr. Sinister Nasty Boy, and then I guess add Tsarina for ramp?

    Villainous Pact and Distraction basic actions, especially for ramp and win con with VP?

    I feel like I could take out Harley/Joker, and add SR Constantine, and then I'd have another open spot for another good villain, making it: Tsarina, Hellblazer, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Prof X, Mystique, Mr. Sinister... and one more villain... maybe a bigger one as a win con? Actually, I think Gobby would fit really well, I just don't know if all the Tsarina/Gobby/Black Manta damage while basically blocking until I have enough out and roll a Villainous Pact to attack.

    How does any of that sound?

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    It looks like a collection of individually good cards. I don't see the whole picture here I suppose. There's a definite villain theme going through but I don't know that it all fits. Hellblazer without targeted removal is tough, and you really have to decide what Widow's place is on the team beyond just an early buy. I think this would do well with any of the "target character is now a villain" globals that UXM Iron Man, Takedown, or Pandora's Box give you.

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