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Thread: cumulative discounts

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    cumulative discounts

    Is it possible to apply multiple discounts to the same purchase.

    Instance 1: My opponent and I both have Red Dragons and I am able to pay the bolt twice can I reduce the cost of the next action die by 4.

    Instance 2: I have Thousand Dragon Rare - can I spend 2 bolts to make the next action die I purchase cost 4 less.

    These both seem legal, just no one was certain in our group so I thought Id throw it up here.

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    They ruled that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon global stacks.


    So I think it's safe to say that the same applies to all other cost reduction abilities and effects.

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    With the caveat that a cost can't be reduced to 0 unless an ability explicitly states it.

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    BEWD is an excellent card, and I want is desperately. Did not know the ability could stack. Thanks for bringing it up!

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