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    Thinking about it

    So thinking about getting rid of the D&D dice we have. We didn't get too much just a starter and like 30-40 packs. We just weren't impressed with the set, and I am more about completing my marvel and do sets, and the yu gi oh set. Anyone think that the D&D stuff is worth trading for marvel OP stuff?

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    Oh heck yes.

    The vast majority of the D&D is way better than the vast majority of OP cards.

    The D&D set is awesome.

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    I think that D&D is a fantastic set. Great production values, mechanisms, cards, etc. I wouldn't get rid of any of it, but that's just me.

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    Perhaps take a look at cards that are DnD specific to ditch first. Most things that deal with equipment and adventurers for example. Keep in mind that dragons go well with Yugioh, anything that goes with action dice can be important and finally, swarm and characters with low cost and good stats can be super useful.

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