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Thread: Human Torch - 'Flame On!"

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    Human Torch - 'Flame On!"

    Does the Global count as a separate instance of damage from the original damage? For example, Let's say I use Wasp's Global to damage Hulk - Green Goliath and then use 'Flame On!' to deal a total of 2 damage: does this trigger Hulk twice?

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    Question. Can increase the damage to the opponent using Global Human Torch "Flame On"? (via Power Bolt or via Global Luke Cage Bodyguard.
    Wizkids only answer you can increase the damage to dices, and ONLY ONCE:
    "You can pay for this type of ability once".
    "2. It can only add damage to a character who is already taking damage. So if you were using Power Bolt to do 2 damage to your opponent's character with 3 defense, Human Torch could help you KO them. However, if you were trying to KO your opponent's Doctor Strange with 9 defense, you couldn't pay 7 Bolts for Human Torch's ability.
    (If you were already doing damage to the Hulk, yes, but typically there isn't a reason since it isn't a new source and wouldn't trigger his ability an additional time)"

    Question. Power Bolt then, you can increase the damage if damage a target character dice, or can you increase if I choose damage a target player too (not both)?

    I saw a player using Global Luke and Global Flames on. It is correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustK View Post
    I am curious about the Luke Global and Flame on because it says pay one to target and Luke targets both. So would paying the bolt increase the damage to both?

    Human Torch specifically states that you deal 1 extra damage to one target (among the targets being damaged).

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