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Thread: Mixed Team for your Review.

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    Mixed Team for your Review.

    OK Guys for your review:
    This is my hope for a Tier 1 Control Team.
    Please feel free to give advice.
    4 Black Widow –Tsarina To bring some concern but use her as an ender, bring her out at the end to finish the job.
    3 Constantine – HellBlazer, Use him to stall attacks and prevent multiples of characters and to buy time to bring out Jade Giant.

    3 Harley Quin – Dr. Harleen Quinzel Masks, Helps speed up Joker Buy and Has some ability to bring pain.

    1 Blue Eyes White Dragon – Monstrous Dragon – Energy Fixer used with poly, and bad roles.

    2 Jinzo – Trap Desroyer- Not the end condition, but again a stall feature, also hope to bring down total life slowly. Also used to prevent PXG, Doom Caliber, Magic Missle. Again control field device.

    3 Joker – Clown Prince of Crime: What is a control team without removing my opponents lynch pin. This may not always see play but I am hoping it makes it when it counts.

    2 Hulk – Jade Giant - End condition. Character removal, End Condition removal. Cummon we all know what he does.

    1 Professor X – Trainer – I ramp well and often to my favor more than others. Also with 2 6 cost characters it is necessary.

    Basic Actions – Polymorph, and Magic Missle.

    Basic Rotation:
    Turn 1 is Constantine, 2pxg
    Turn 2 Polymorph and hopefully 3 to 4 PXG (Goal to PXG three a turn minimum 2)
    Turn 3 Jinzo and hope to drop Constantine. This is where I am hoping to build some stall.
    Turn 4 Jade Giant. Use this control to finally remove the defenses and come in.
    Joker/Harley are as needed once you have figured out what there end condition is and remove it from play.

    I know the team has two expensive characters. But the goal is to create enough slowdown of my opponent to do the job.
    What do you all think?

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    I think it has merit. Examine the Harley/Joker slots... Do you really want two characters dedicated to the same function? Harley does nothing on her own. Consider Loki and another global, perhaps?

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    Exactly. How often are you actually going go Quinn > Joker? You may want to switch 'em out for a more consistent strategy.

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    @Dave and @RJRETRO yeah you are both right. I just wanted to have more DC characters. But they both don't fit the Team.
    How do you both feel about Keeping Joker (over Loki because shield means I can save the mast for PXG), and strangly enough putting in Injection fairy Lady Forced Injection. She can be a blocker till I get Hulk moving for some final kill boosting?

    By the way thank you both for replying.

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    IFL is a good card. I think you'd find at the point in the game where you need to make the buy, mask vs. shield won't make a huge difference. BUT - there are times when it would matter so perhaps the shield is indeed the better bet.

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    I personally adore IFL and if I had more of her dice, she would be on more of my teams.

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    Saw the Harley-Joker combo used today in draft. I found it entirely underwhelming. Harley's TFC isn't terrible, but by the time she got Joker out it she was just "meh." My opponent basically threw her away once he got both of his Jokers bought.

    I think for the stats you're better of running Gem Keeper, but that's me.

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    Thanks @Chris , the more I run the team against other teams on Vassal play testing. I am just not sure control really has a place per say in Tier 1 teams anymore. With Constantine able to neuter when fielded. I am just having a hard time coming up with a team that I feel is truly control. I fear bringing things like Wind Rider, Loki, Joker or Gobby (not that I have him) because the speed of the ramp in Tier 1 play. I think I want to play test Red Tornado instead of PXG just because I could create more choices for Constantine to mess up. I also may have to look to the fact that Jinzo may not be worth it. But I want to use him so bad. I just have this feeling that with first turn advantage control teams cannot level out in time to stop aggro. Since we have seen most tier 1 teams being aggro, well. I feel the need to learn how to make a good midrange team.

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    I think that there are a lot more midrange teams out there than one might think. Walsh's was certainly in the midrange. I'd say that while High Hopes could win early, that's not it's focus and it's more midrangey too.

    I think there are controlling strategies that can be successful, you just have to think more like Dominion/Ascension and less like M:tG

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    @Dave Interesting analogy. I started playing ascension and that is one of the games that got me back into boardgames and CCG and away from miniatures. I agree that there are a lot of control elements still valid. I have also decided to not give up on Jinzo, but to shift to a more midrange style of team.

    but before I completely go off course, can you explain a little better how to equate Ascension to dice masters. I am pretty good at ascension, so if you could explain that a little more I might gain insight.

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    I don't think that with the pool of cards currently available there are enough elements for real control. Control means prolonging the game, stabilizing the board and getting the game into a lock-down at some point. With so many ways to dish out direct damage, and no way to avoid it, or no consistent way of gaining life, all you can hope is to stabilize the board with enough life points remaining to push through your big swing that wins you the game. So, in a sense, although you are aiming to be "control" what you actually end up with is a "stabilize and then race" situation.

    So a control team in my opinion would have something like:
    1. Direct answers to threats
    2. Board sweep
    3. Consistent life gain
    4. Consistent "lock-down" for direct damage abilities
    5. A way to keep the ramp up while going through all the above

    Problem is, although there are ways to accomplish the things described above, there is not enough consistency, the costs are high, and life gain mechanisms are not reliable. You need to assemble too many pieces to completely lock down the game and dictate the pace. And without good means of gaining life there is just not enough time to get your engine going. It is clear that full control is not an archetype currently supported by the development teams, and it is not entirely clear at this point if that would benefit the game or not. Donno if the level of control achieved by MTG blue-white or esper decks is something that fits Dice Masters.

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