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Thread: The "best" set released thus far...

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    The "best" set released thus far...

    So I've been playing this game, like many of you, since AVX stumbled its way into a release. When AVX dropped, from a teambuilding standpoint, it was clear that it was going to take a few sets for the game to get on its feet and find a balance in its meta.

    Uncanny X-men came along and addressed a number of the teambuilding issues from AVX directly, targeting specific cards from AVX to attempt to find balance. However it's my opinion that in doing this, the set itself didn't get a chance to find its own voice in playstyle. It was a very friendly set to the teambuilding meta, with mechanics like PXG coming along to serve as a way to broaden the playing field in viable character options. Beyond this, the set did little to further the playstyle of the meta. It spent too much time trying not to take a step backward that it didn't take the step forward.

    I personally haven't purchased any of the Yu-Gi-Oh or D&D sets, and I'm not familiar with any of the cards in them beyond what has been featured in recent nationals tournaments. From the cards I've seen, WK seemed more comfortable in taking risks. Introducing new mechanics that we haven't seen before to be used in new and interesting ways. I can't speak to the rest of the cards in these sets though, so I won't.

    And now we have DC Dice Masters. For me, this is the best set yet (out of AVX, UXM, and DCJL). I think this is a really great set. It seems to set up possibilities for dozens of new archetypes, while also addressing the sets and meta before it. It combines the two aspects of a set flawlessly. There are just so many playable cards in this set! The last set that had this many playable cards was AVX, but unlike AVX, DC manages to stay relevant without being overpowered.

    So what is the "best" set so far, and why? I'm curious to hear opinions...and if I am missing out from skipping YGO and D&D.


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    Wow, This a great topic. You have brought up a great summary. But here is my take. Don't miss out on D&D. I think as a single set it is the most balanced. It is great to play alone and as a single game. I think Yugioh got overlook and is an incredibly powerful and combo set team.

    However I love the DC set the most because it is A. DC, and B. it has a lot of choices and tribalism. It is an amazing set that does all kind of things for new teams and types of play.

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    Personally, it's UXM. It has most of my favourite characters (Namor, Black Panther) and also has some of the most popular cards in the game (Professor X, Psylocke).

    I give a lot of credit to the YGO/BFF sets though. I'm not a fan of either IP, but I really liked the additions to the game.

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    Interesting topic.

    For me the best standalone set is by far D&D. In fact for the most part I keep that set separate from the rest of my DM stuff. I like to play my own version of a sealed deck match where I shuffle all the D&D cards, deal out 20 to both players. Pick your best 8 and take dice to match. For my friends that don't want to invest in the game, this is the preferred play format. As they still get the team construction aspect of the game.

    For constructed, I think its got to be AvX. It needed UXM to round it out but there are so many powerhouse cards in that set. Green Goliath, Johnny Storm, Tsarina, Gobby, Wind-Rider...

    I do like Yugioh for its interesting globals.

    Havent played DC as much as the others yet, but my impression is that it is a very nice standalone set as well.

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    I would have ideally made this topic a poll, but I couldn't find the function...

    It sounds like I might have to get some D&D....

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    It's easily UxM for me, but really the only set i had zero interest in was YGO (even tho it's the bfs fave)

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