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Thread: Article: Dice Masters World Championship Prize Support

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    Do you mind if I create these cards and add them to Vassal?

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    That could be cool. Put in a new tab labeled "community creations" or something. I just want to be clear That we aren't asking people to play with these. There was very little thought put in to whether or not these cards are over/under powered. We treated this as just a fun "what if" scenario.

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    Yea, and in my opinion, that is what Vassal is all about. Fun "what if" scenarios.

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    ... Oh how I miss the hey-days of "What-if". Marvel, you are the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    That Riddler... I want it either way. Sorry Lockheed.
    I'd "submit" it on your behalf, Shadow. It's an amazing card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOne View Post
    I like the Spider-punk
    Thanks man. I was pretty happy when I thought of that. There a list of characters I'd like to see before Spider-Punk, but when I thought about making a card after winning Worlds, and what kind of legacy I'd like to contribute to the game... I had to go anti-establishment, stick it to the man, punk rock.

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