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Thread: Team for an event today

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    What sort of an event is it? Minsk and Boo is a fun card, but are you trying to win, or just have fun?

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    Spend some time searching the forum today. There are some cards that get a lot of play (Cheetah, Blue Beetle from DC, Hulk/Wolverine from AVX, etc.) that would help you out.

    Best of luck, and I hope you dominate!

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    I went with
    (C) cheetah
    (C) blue beetle
    (UC) human torch
    (C) Martian manhunter
    (C) firestorm
    (LE) minsc and boo (I know, I know)
    (C) hulk (Jade giant)
    (C) PXG
    Imprisoned and relentless
    I got prized out with the following LE cards
    Marvel girl- humanity
    Wolverine- wanted
    Kitty pryde- on a mission
    Sentinel- omega
    Not a bad day all in all. Any tweaks you guys would make? My buddy wants to build something against this type of team and I don't want to make it easy for him

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    Iceman too cool for words might go well, and you could swap relentless out for Horn of the Unicorn. Oh, you want to block cheetah? Horn on her and give her all my bolts +1 attack. Or better yet, iceman, horn, buffs and double the attack.

    This adds a different strategy to your deck other than Hulk and chip damage, while also giving you a way to get the bolts this bolt heavy team might need.

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