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Thread: Help me decide which new IP set I should work on

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    Help me decide which new IP set I should work on

    I've been spending my down time this weekend thinking about the Muppet set I've been working on. But as I start to brainstorm, my mind starts wandering to other ideas.

    Dick Tracy (comic strip)
    Carmen Sandiego (game show/National Geographic World)
    Street Fighter

    Which of these four would be the coolest in your mind?

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    Street Fighter seems like the most natural fit for a combat-oriented game :P

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    Street Fighter, but The King Of Fighters would be better.

    I would do KOF myself, but I don't/haven't found the card template I see people using. I'd also do Empowered.

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    I'd play a KoF set. I just don't know enough about the characters.

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    RJ, are you making proxy cards for Street Fighter or just writing out stats?

    As for KOF its run (1994 to XIII) has close to 100 characters with 3 story arcs (Orochi, NESTS, and Ash Crimson) with each one lasting 4 releases. Then there's also the Dream Match games and Neo Wave releases) side games.

    The challenge with doing KOF is that the characters' fighting styles evolved so much that it'll be hard to narrow down their moves to 3-4 cards. Each release added new moves for all characters. For example Kyo Kusanagi has had 3 incarnation. Then with Mai Shiranui there's her KOF versions, Fatal Fury and EX versions. Iori Yagami has changed from his original form in KOF to Mark Of The Wolves.

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    I have no idea what this post is about, but my college time saw a lot if street fighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonVile View Post
    RJ, are you making proxy cards for Street Fighter or just writing out stats?
    I would make proxy cards, and would likely try and find dice that would represent each character the best. Random example, let's say Scooter from the Muppets would have stats similar to ... Beast from AVX. I would take Beast's cardstrip (for lack of a better term) and cut+paste it to the Scooter card. Not a perfect solution, but would at least allow everyone to use the cards if they wished.

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    The Muppets idea is a lot of fun. I'm curious...are you looking at just "The Muppet Show" characters, or would you use the other muppets like Seasame Street and Fraggle Rock...etc. Maybe those would be your affiliations...

    Would be a blast to be able to put Big Bird and Sweetums, up against Oscar and the Garbage Heap!

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    I agree 100%. The initial idea was to do a Muppets: Series One, which would just be Muppet Show. Sesame Street/Fraggle Rock would be Series Two/Three if it caught on.

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