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Thread: Trade - Seeking Constantine

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    Trade - Seeking Constantine

    Edit: Trade In Progress

    So I have not done well with my DC super rare opening and need to trade for a Constantine: Hellblazer.
    I know he won't come cheap but make a fair offer and I'll take it.

    For Trade I have:
    (All cards include at least 1 dice and probably more if you need them)

    1. Beast Mutate 666 Extended art promo from Nationals
    2. Catwoman Super rare (DC)
    3. Scarlet Witch Super rare (uvx)
    4. Wolverine Super rare (avx)
    5. Mindflayer Super rare (D&D - card shows some imprint marks from the foil pack, looks kind of neat actually)
    6. Spiderman Super rare (uvx)
    7. Blue-Eyes White Dragon rare (yugioh)
    8. Jinzo rare (yugioh)
    9. Nova rare (avx)
    10. Silver Surfer rare (avx)
    11. Angel rare (avx)
    12. Colossus rare (avx)
    13. Punisher rare (avx)
    14. Thing rare (avx)
    15. Mr Fantastic rare (avx)
    16. Mjolnir rare (avx)
    17. Magneto rare (avx)
    18. Cyclops rare (avx)
    19. War Machine rare (avx)
    20. Red Hulk rare (uvx)
    21. X23 rare (uvx)
    22. Magik rare (uvx)
    23. Marvel Girl rare (uvx)
    24. Bishop rare (uvx)
    25. Scarlet Witch rare (uvx)
    26. She Hulk rare (uvx)
    27. Spiderman rare (uvx)
    28. Iron Man rare (uvx)
    29. Vision rare (uvx)
    30. Mister Sinister rare (uvx)
    31. Sabretooth rare (uvx)
    32. Mystique rare (uvx)
    33. Namor rare (uvx)
    34. Captain America rare (uvx)
    35. Professor X rare (uvx)
    36. Colossus Phoenix Force Promo
    37. Cyclops Phoenix Force Promo
    38. Iron Man Phoenix Buster Promo
    39. Wolverine Walking His Own Path Promo
    40. Marvel Girl Humanity Promo
    41. Phoenix Dark Phoenix Promo
    42. Emma Frost White Queen Promo
    43. Owl Bear rare (D&D)
    44. Frost Giant rare (D&D)
    45. Carrion Crawler rare (D&D)
    46. Teamwork Action Promo
    47. Collateral Damage Action Promo
    48. Deflection Action Promo
    49. Teleport Action Promo
    50. Rally Action Promo
    51. Takedown Action Promo
    52. Pandora's Box Action Promo
    53. Sentinel Omega Promo
    54. Wolverine Wanted Promo
    55. Superman Trinity War Promo
    56. Vibe rare (DC)
    57. Harley Quinn rare (DC)
    58. Booster Gold rare (DC)
    59. Brainiac rare (DC)
    60. Swamp Thing rare (DC)
    61. Green Lantern rare (DC)
    62. Harley Quinn Full Art Promo

    I have an excellent trade rating over on boardgamegeek under the username gravityexpired.
    Last edited by Gravity; 05-14-2015 at 10:24 AM. Reason: Trade in progress

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